Please enjoy the story below which also includes some pictures from our childhood. It will explain a lot!!

The Goldfish

Did you see the picture on our 'About Us' page? Curious? Well, we ventured out one day for a lovely road trip, an exciting ride on the bus to a few towns over from where we lived. We had a great time as you can see from the picture we had taken in Woolworth's. It was one of those little “put the quarter in, make some faces, get a string of pictures” booths. We had a great time and were even brave enough to make a BIG purchase that day. A goldfish, yes, that’s right a goldfish in a little plastic bag with some water. (also a Woolworth’s special) Now just a little trip back on the bus and we would be home with our new pet. That little ride home on the bus was a little more than we expected. Somehow, (and we can’t seem to remember how, probably blocking it due to the trauma it caused us) we missed our stop. Suddenly, we were in Northvale, NJ at the Red & Tan Line Bus Barn…. about 1 mile from the New York State border! It was here that the bus driver told us we HAD to get off because it was the end of the line. Wasn’t he a nice guy to let us know now!? So, there we were…. walking along with a small fish in a bag, crying maybe…. can’t remember, must be that trauma thing again. As we went past the Rockleigh Golf Course there was a man next to his car. I guess we looked a little out of place so he approached us and asked, “Do you girls need a ride”? Need a ride!!! From a stranger!!!! No way, we couldn’t do that, we knew all about strangers. So off we went, walking a little faster now. Then, along come a policeman, they were the good guys back then. He had that man with him, and he told us “This man is a friend of mine, he is going to give you a ride. It’s OK to go with him”. OK, if the policeman says it’s OK, it must be OK. So, off we went. Now you would think we would tell him how to get to our house. No, not us. For some reason, we gave instructions to get to our Grandmother’s house. We talked about this and can’t seem to remember why we would do this because we would STILL have to ‘fess up about what happened. So, Grandma called home and had someone come and get us and we now had to tell them just how stupid we were.

Oh, did that hurt!!!! Well… it was bad enough to have family know just how dumb we could be, but to top it off just when things had settled down and we were sitting at the dinner table, who shows up at the door but the cop to make sure we got home alright. He came to make sure that the parents knew we had denied the ride from the stranger at first. Brought it all back again, just one more time to remind us. So much for a day of adventure. Oh yeah, when we were discussing this as adults (I think we qualify as those right now, just not sure how we got here) neither one of us could remember if the fish actually made it or not. Must be that trauma thing again.