Website Design





Includes initial setup of site plus 3-5 pages depending on amount and complexity of content


Additional pages

Each additional page at depending on amount and complexity of content


Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery with up to 20 pictures (a gallery is one page of thumb nail photos along with a full page for every thumbnail). Pricing depends on if we get the pictures in digital format or if we have to scan. For more pictures, please request quote.

$75 - 100


One time fee for templates

$30 - 45

Hosting fee

Fee is for one year. Includes domain name registration, hosting and two e-mail addresses.

$60 - 75

Other If you don’t see what you want in the list, please contact us for a quote at  
Site Maintenence We offer website maintenance and updating at a rate of $35/hour. Minimum maintenance fee of $17.50 is applied if updating takes 1/2 hour or less and we bill on a monthly basis. You can also ask about our maintenance packages.


$17.50 minimum for .5 hours or less